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Fruitegic Family is not only a memory match game. It's more than that. If you like cocktails, fruits and healthy lifestyle this game is the one you need. Explore different Fruitegic games and have fun.

Fruitegic story: “One hot summer day a long, long time ago, fruit from all over the world found a mystery land. Wizards made special formula; they mixed sweetness, freshness, vitamins and magic. The new kingdom was born – Fruitegic. Everyone can come to the Fruitegic town and discover nice cocktails and secret recipes.”

Fruitegic quest
Fruitegic Flash
Fruitegic Bloom
Fruitegic Extra

Christmas Games

“Christmas time is the best time of the year. Family gathers and everything sparkles. Have fun and check our new Christmas games.”

Giftmania Santa's Workshop
Christmas Lightshow

Halloween games

“Did you prepare your costume? Trick or treat! It's Halloween time.”


Other games

“Check out other games and have fun!”


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